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Ges Rogers is the founder of Union Gap in the UK, and founder and leader of Ges Rogers' Union Gap here in Spain. Ges worked tirelessly with Union Gap in the UK band since its inception, and now also in Spain. Over the years Ges worked with many different musicians in Union Gap in the UK until the eventual committed line up finalised in December 1999

Gary 'Woody' Woodward is arguably the unsung hero of the band, his musical arrangements and strong vocals are simply unmatched along with his exceptionally fine bass guitar. His work behind the scenes with arrangements and other things are part of what makes the band such a great success today

Clive - a relative newcomer - is an amazing drummer... one of those rare animals - a sensitive drummer although he does like to bash away, given the chance. Adding a fourth dimension with his great bass harmonies

Andy Winwood has long been known for his strong vocals, excellent harmonies and sympathetic guitar licks in his capacity as a solo performer. A real newbie to the band but the whole band agree its fun having the Rev around

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